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AssemblyDNSFC-310020122WET stationTool have 3 chemical bath + 3 quick drain rinse bath + 1 low pressure dry.
AssemblyFICOMISS II2006/20073/7Saw Singulation The SBS Matrix Array Singulation System is a tapeless fully automatic solution for simulating packages assembled in matrix array strips. The system integrates singulation, wash, dry, and pick-and-place.
AssemblyKLAAIT XUV20121Wafer defect inspectionWafer defect and surface quality inspection tools. 
AssemblyTazmoTWS-M311120121Wafer support mounterTemporarily bonding of ultra thin wafer, Unique UV hardening resion is used for the bonding of wafer and supporting material.
AssemblyTraneCVHF13002007/12/271ChillerTRANE Chiller CVHF1300 with heat recovery
Chip ProbingElectro Scientific IndustriesESI 9830 2004/25Laser repair systemThe Model 9830 is based on ESI’s highly successful 98XX platform, which was developed specifically for advanced DRAM, SRAM, embedded memory and other laser fuse applications
Final TestAdvantestM6300200611Automatic handlerThe M6300 is an automatic handler developed for the purpose of the mass production and sort devices (Temprange 125 ~ -55)
Final TestAdvantestM6751AD20054Automatic handlerThe M6751AD is an automatic handler developed for the purpose of the mass production and sort devices
Final TestAdvantestT55852003/105Tester systemT5585 Memory test system,designed for high-volume package production of memorywith high precision testing of up to 128 devices in parallel. Capable of testing 500MHZ double data rate in a single pass.
Final TestANDOAF86522004/8/15BI ovenSimultaneous measurement of 15,552 devices Supports RambusR, DDR-SDRAM, Flash and Embedded Memories. This new test and burn-in system has been proven to be cost effective when testing today’s memory devise. 
Final TestJECJEC_35022006/065BI Oven This burn-in system is designed for the MOS memory and performs variois types of function tests during a burn-in and collects the result.
Final TestProvTTTH140002008/061Tester HandlerThis is Sanwa tester handler, which has a function for tray to tray hanlder, that transfer device to different tray.

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