PTI offers Quad Flat No lead, QFN package services by utilizing plastic encapsulated leadframe base CSP with a lead pad on the bottom of the package to provide electrical interconnection. The body size of the QFN package has been reduced by 60% compared with the conventional QFP package. It provides good electrical performance by inner lead and short wire. The QFN package with small, lightweight, improved thermal and good electrical performance (but without re-designed lead frame) can ensure our customers gain cost-effective solutions.

PTI's QFN package is suitable for applications in handheld devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, MP3s, game consoles and others portable products.

Low Profile < 0.9 mm ( 0.2mm L/F + 0.65mm ,Mold Thickness )
Package Size 3x3mm to 9x9mm
Lead Count 16 to 76 Lead
Lead Pitch 0.4 / 0.5 mm
Reliability Level
Moisture Sensitivity JEDEC Level 3 (30°C / 60% RH / 192 hours)
Temp. Cycle Test -65/+150°C, 1000 cycles
Pressure Cooker 121°C, 100% RH, 2 atm, 168 hours
High Temperature Storage 150°C, 1,000 hours

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