FBGA(BOC) packages have been assembled for years in PTI. In the future, we expect to develop shorter wires, enhanced routing trace, and thinner, more lightweight packages with well management electrical performance and thermal dissipation. PTI's experienced design group provides the best package structure design and cost- effective material choice for FBGA(BOC) and is already application on the various DDR device, including DDR, DDR2 and DDR3.

Standard Bill of Material
Substrate Thin core BT or equivalent
Mold Cap Standard / Green EMC
Die Attach Adhesive Non-conductive paste
Gold Wire 20um
Solder Ball Lead-free solder
Process Highlight
Chip Stacking 2 chips stack
Package Stacking 2~4 package
Ball Pitch 0.8mm
Reliability Level
MSL JEDEC Level L2 @ 260℃ ; JEDEC Level L3 @ 260℃
PCT 121℃/100% RH, 2atm, 96 hours
TCT - 65℃ to 150℃, 1000 cycles
HAST 110℃/85% RH, 264 hours
High Temp Storage 150℃/ 1000 hours

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