Memory Card

PTI offers packaging and testing services for the memory card-micro SD Card by supporting multi-chip, wire bonding, surface mounted passive components, and then molding them into one identical module. Stacking dies to increase memory density but without re-designing the substrate can ensure that our customers gain cost-effective solutions with increased time-to-market results.

PTI's micro SD Card technology is an ideal solution for mobile devices, such as cellular phones, PDAs, MP3s, mobile games, and others portable products which need data storage back- up.

widely adopted for applications such as digital cameras, MP3 players, cellular phones and PDAs.

Substrate Thin core BT or equivalent Copper(LF)
Mold Cap Standard EMC
Die Attach Adhesive Non-conductive
Gold Wire 15~25um
Chip Stacking 2~8 chips stack
9 chips is under developed.
Wire Bonding Ultra low loop (35um)
Shipping Shipped in clear vacuum formed trays or retail bubble pack in final program content is performed
Reliability Level
ESD (Air Discharge) +15kV. IEC61000-4-2, SDA spec
High Temp Storage 85℃, 500 hours
Temp/Humidity 40℃, 93%RH, 500 hours
Temperature Cycle -40℃ to 85℃, 100cycles
Moisture/Corrosion MIL STD Method 1009, 24 hours
Salt Water Spray 3% NaCl/35℃
Flexural Strength Measurement of maximum strength or applied force at card Breaking > 50N
Bending Test 10N, 250cycles
Drop Test 1.5m free fell
Solar Test 45℃, 1120w/m^2, 3cycles

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