With the escalating popularity of handheld electronic devices, memory solutions for these products have moved towards Multi-Chip Package (MCP) technology, along with comparable or varying die stacking in memory connected via wire bonding or Flip Chip into a leadframe/ laminate base, making it a higher density package, yet smaller and lighter.

PTI has developed packaging and testing for MCPs from 2 die to 9 die (16die ES) per package. PTI’s System-in-Package( SiP ), is a package with a substrate base, housing one or more IC’s, multiple passives, and other surface mount devices. The use of advanced assembly techniques, such as flip chip MPS-C2 (Metal Post Solder Chip Connection), allows various IC wafer technologies and other components to be built into a small package outline, providing the most cost effective and reliable solutions. In addition, this package can be packaged either as a LGA or BGA to meet various for thermal & electrical requirement applications .

• MCP are widely used for various handheld or data storage devices, such as cellular phones, PDAs, mobile game platforms, digital consumer devices, removable memory Cards, USB drives…etc

• SiP applied in graphics processor, CPU, digital Mobile TV, GPS, Wi-Fi, WiMax, bluetooth, baseband, air bag detector, tire pressure gauge, keyless products…etc.

• Flexible ball or land grid arrays
• PB free and Green materials
• JEDEC standard
• Board space saving solution compared with individual IC
• Better electrical performance through shorter inter-connection structure with stacking
• Lower overall cost structure
• Known good die & WLBI solutions available

MSL JEDEC Level L3 @ 260℃
30℃/60% RH, 192 hours
PCT 121℃/100% RH, 2atm, 192 hours
TCT -65℃ to 150℃, 1000 cycles
HAST 130℃/85% RH, 96 /168 hours
High Temp Storage 150℃/1000 hours

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