PTI offers FCBGA package with organic substrate has high electrical performance / pin counts characteristic compared to wire bond BGA package due to FCBGA use bumps for die / substrate interconnections instead of wires. For high thermal performance requirement, external heat spreader is attached on the backside of die and substrate with high thermal conductivity material.

1. 28nm with ultra low-K package solution
2. Under fill protect interconnection between Cu pillar bump and substrate
3. Heat spreader for thermal solution
4. OSP / SOP / Immersion Tin surface finish
Reliability Level
Moisture Sensitivity : JEDEC Level 4 (30°C / 60% RH, 96 hours)
Temp. Cycle Test : -55 / +125°C, 1000 cycles
Unbiased HAST : 130°C / 85% RH, 96hrs
High Temperature Storage : 150°C, 1000 hours

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