Stress Characterization

PTI stress simulation service offers PKG stress & Board Level reliability characterization by numerical simulation and measurement.

PTI analyze package or module structure design, material selection and process optimization. Both thermal stress (due to thermal mismatch) and mechanical stress condition can be evaluated during design phase to help get the best package design.

Stress and reliability characterization services include:
• Thermal Stress Characterization
      1. Unit & strip warpage / stress prediction
      2. Packaging material selection & structure design
      3. Package level reliability analysis
• Process Simulation :
      1. Molding flow air trap prediction
      2. Wire sweep prediction
      3. TSOP Paddle shift prediction
• Solder bump/ joint shape prediction
• On Board TCT Reliability Simulation
• Solder joint reliability (fatigue) prediction

Detail S/W & H/W resource information include
• Moldflow
• Moldex3D
• Surface Evolver
• Thermal Shadow Moire
• JEDEC/JEITA Drop Tower
• Shock tester
• Free drop tester
• High Speed Ball Shear Tester
• Bend / Pull Tester
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