Moldflow Characterization


As to the packages with molding compound, like TSOP and BGA, molding process is always highly related to the package reliability. And with the demands for fine pitch and high I/O pins, molding processes is also getting more and more complex. In order to avoid inefficiencies in design by experiment manufacturing, PTI uses Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) to simulate the molding behavior including flow, curing of thermoset resins as well as leadframe/wire design, and earn a deep understanding of these complex processes.


Moldflow Plastics Insight is the world's leading product for moldflow behavior simulation. By this software, R&D Lab can evaluate package manufacturability, minimize product design cycle times and optimize processing conditions. PTI can offer service of:

- Predict how the mold will fill.
- Indicate the potential positions with air traps.
- Identify weld lines positions
- Design of runner systems, including gate number, positions and dimensions.
- Determine the local flow field around each microchip wire in order to calculate drag force along each wire and then get wire deformation shape after molding processes.
- Evaluate the leadframe deformation after molding processes.
Fig.1 Mold flow simulation of BGA model (one block)
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