Redistribution Layer (RDL)

We offer RDL made with Cu/Ni/Au plated bond pads for Au or Cu wire bonding to achieve optimized bondability and reliability. The RDL can be manufactured under low temperature curing polyimide (≤ 200°C) for memory device applications. High temperature curing polyimide (~375°C) is also available for the applications of logic devices.


RDL Capability

• Cu/Ni/Au RDL for Au or Cu Wire Bonding
• Pure Cu RDL for Bumping and Ball Drop
• Min. Line/Space: 12/10 um
• Low Curing Temperature PI (~200 °C) for Memory Devices
• High Curing Temperature PI (~375 °C) for Logic Devices
• Available in 1 or 2 PI Layers

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