Copper Pillar Bump

The Copper Pillar Bump (CPB) structure exhibits improved electron-migration resistance, reduces power loss and signal delay, improves current flexibility and heat dissipation performance for fine pitch application (≧50 um). The IBM-licensed Copper Pillar Bump structure is consisted of a Copper (Cu) post with lead-free solder cap (SnAg 1.8%). Our 50um pitch process used in FCCSP packages is mature and available for customized requests. While the monthly production volume averages over 1 million, our production team successfully maintains assembly yield above 99.5% and an O/S test yield rate higher than 98%.

Advantages of Copper Pillar Bump (CPB)

• Low and Consistent Inductance enables High-Speed Application
• Low Resistance, Reduced Power Loss Perfect for High-Power Application
• Fine Pitch Minimizes Package Size
• Green Product with Lead-free Solder Cap

CPB Solution

CPB Capability

• Low and Consistent Inductance enables High-Speed Application
• 50um Fine Pitch In-line and 30/60 μm Staggered
• Min. Bump Size 25 μm
• Max. Bump Height 70 μm
• SnAg 1.8 wt% Lead-free Solder Cap
• Available in Cu/SnAg and Cu/Ni/SnAg
• Low Curing Temperature PI (~200 °C) for Memory Devices
• High Curing Temperature PI (~375 °C) for Logic Devices
• Available in PI Pull-in & Pull-Out Design

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