List of major shareholders:The names, number of owned shares and the shareholding percentage of those whose shareholding percentage is among the top 10 of all the shareholders.

Mar 29, 2017
ShareholdingName of Major Shareholders
Total Shares
Ownership (%)
Investment Account of Kingston Technology
Hermes Investment Funds Public Limited Company29,143,9903.74%
New Labor Pension Fund20,001,2002.57%
KTC-TU Corp. Rep.: John Tu19,977,5542.56%
Government of Singapore--GOS-EFM16,103,0002.07%
KTC-SUN Corp. Rep.: David Sun15,665,3622.01%
Public Service Pension Fund Management Committee Rep.: Gao,Yong-Guang13,487,0001.73%
Citi Bank Taipei Branch in custody for Noges Bank11,651,6901.50%
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. Taipei Branch in custody for Saudi Arabia Central Bank Global Investment Fund11,588,0721.49%
Nan Shan Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Rep: Y. T. Du11,465,0001.47%

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