Board of Directors

Board of Directors Structure

According to the Articles of Incorporation of Powertech, the Board shall be composed of eleven directors, including more than four independent directors. Each director is elected to a 3-year term and may be re-elected to further terms. The directors of the Board shall meet once per quarter. When there is an emergency event or upon requests of more than 50% of the total number of Directors, the chairman of the Board shall arrange extra meetings when necessary. Current Board members, including external independent directors, have commerce, finance and accounting, or related business experiences. All the members of the Board were elected by Shareholders’ Meeting.

Board of Directors Responsibilities

Three major responsibilities of the Board are: to review Company business operation plans, financial reports, major policies and procedures, and major investment projects; to appoint or discharge management and CPA; to approve donations with related or non-related parties.

TitleName Current PositionMajor Experience
ChairmanD.K. TsaiChairman of Powertech Technology Inc.Chairman of Kingston Technology Far East Co., Ltd.
DirectorJ.Y. HungCEO of PTI Group & President of Powertech Technology Inc. Sr. VP, Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
DirectorKTC-SUN Corporation Representative: Shigeo KoguchiSenior Advisor of Toshiba CorporationExecutive Officer and Corporate Senior Executive Vice President of Toshiba Corporation
DirectorKTC-TU Corporation Representative: Dephne WuDirector of Finance of Kingston Technology Far East CorporationDirector of Finance of Kingston Technology Far East Corporation
DirectorKTC-SUN Corporation Representative: J.S. LeuSenior VP of Operations, Powertech Technology Inc.Deputy Director of Packaging Manufacturing, Powerchip Technoloyg Corp.
DirectorKTC-TU Corporation Representative: Evan TsengCFO & Senior Vice President of Powertech Technology Inc.CFO & Vice President of Powertech Technology Inc.
DirectorToshiba Memory Semiconductor Taiwan Corporation Representative: Kenjiro HaraChairman & President of Toshiba Memory Semiconductor Taiwan Corporation.Director of Procurement, Toshiba Memory Corporation
Independent DirectorJim W.L. ChengChairman of Taiwan Calsonic Co., Ltd.Vice President of Finance of Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd.
Independent DirectorQuincy LinBoard Direcot of General Energy Solutions Inc.Senior Vice President of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Independent DirectorPhilip WeiChairman of Fortune Information System CorporationChairman of China Airlines, Ltd.
Independent DirectorPei-Ing LeePresident and Director of Nanya Technology Corporation.Chairman of Inotera Memories Inc.

Policy to encourage board of directors to enroll in well-rounded programs:

A. Article of Incorporation 20-3 stated: board members should not be discriminated against gender; all members should be capable in knowledge, skills, and mind set. All board of directors should be capable in:
       (a) Operational judgments;
       (b) Financial analysis;
       (c) Management skills;
       (d) Crisis management;
       (e) Industry knowledge;
       (f) International perspectives;
       (g) Leadership skills;
       (h) Decision Making.

B.Execution Status:

Program Gender Operational
Title & Name
ChairmanD.K. TsaiMale 
DirectorJ.Y. HungMale 
DirectorShigeo KoguchiMale 
DirectorDaphne WuFemale   
DirectorJ.S. LeuMale 
DirectorEvan TsengMale   
DirectorKenjiro HaraMale 
Jim W.L. ChengMale  
Quincy LinMale   
Philip WeiMale  
Pei-Ing LeeMale 

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