Compensation and Benefits

PTI considers all employees as the most important business partners. We provide attractive and competitive compensation, the best working environment, and a variety of welfare facilities, so that all employees can enjoy their work and life.

Generous Compensation
2 months of year-end bonus
Monthly performance bonus
Quarterly performance bonus (The payment is based on the business conditions.)
Employees compensation / Incentive bonus (We have provided it for more than 10 years continuously.)

Various Benefits
Insurance and subsidy
Labor insurance, health insurance, and labor pension reserve
Free group insurance (The group insurance of spouse and children are also included.)
Marriage, funeral and childbirth subsidies
Birthday gift coupon, gift coupon or gift for major festivals
Meal expenses subsidies (Shift staff have free lunch, dinner and breakfast)

Health Care
Health check-up allowance for new employees, and regular free health check-up.
Psychological consultation counseling
Health centers, mother's rooms
Periodic visits by physicians to provide consultations and advice.

Convenient transportation facilities
Employees' exclusive parking lot
Free shuttle bus for DL

Convenience store & Cafeteria
Each facility has a variety of food service which includes canteen, 7-11 convenience store or cafeteria that provides daily necessities for employees.

Joyful Activities
We provide diverse club activities to enrich your leisure life (e.g., Softball, Basketball, Volunteer, Zen and others).
Travel subsidies, the year-end party and other programs make your life more colorful.
Quarterly publication shares new knowledge, as well as your feelings and passion in life.
Sports Center allows you enjoy sports and stay healthy.
Diverse contracted stores offer discounts and special promotions.

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