Training and Development

PTI has always been dedicated to talent development and education. We consider both internal and external environmental circumstances from the Company’s various events to fulfill “talent development,” “organization evolution” and “corporation strategy”. We build up a unique demand-orientated training ecosystem, cultivating business and managerial competencies, and enhance all level employees’ competency development to ensure corporate sustainable operation.

Training Ecosystem
Through various subsystems of “Employee Competency,” “Management Competency,” “Certification,” “Train the Trainer (i.e., TTT),” and “English Journey,” PTI ensures talent training to be conducted in the right way and shorten new employee’s period of exploration. Promoting “TTT” concretely enhance training quality and make knowledge maintained and spread. Overall, training ecosystem can be a powerhouse supporting talent development.

The training for operators and quality control personnel focuses on obtaining certifications and ensures the stable quality of products.

On the Job Training
Executing on the job training help employees improve their abilities, and be familiar with their work in the department.

Off the Job Training
We will integrate and arrange professional competence courses; for example, training for legal, CSR, industry knowledge, production quality, production management, and employee development.

Career Development
We offer continuous learning throughout the careers of employees. In the subsystem of “Employee Competency”, we compile learning maps based on the specific knowledge and skills as guidelines for employees' career development.

Training Design and Delivery
Practice Study Group Brainstorming

Language Ability Guidance
Our Expectation Self Monitoring English Journey

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