IC Packaging

IC Packaging

Wire Bond BGA


With new generation of memory devices, low profile, less power consumption, high density, and time to market, PTI’s solution can reach all these requirements and even better. PTI focuses on the memory market and strives for technological innovations, achieving thinner wafers, ultra low wire bonding, more chip stacking, in addition to, a "Product Design Center" consisting of an experienced engineering team to achieve perfection in packaging and provide the most compelling solutions for our customers


  • Thinner wafer and thinner body size
  • Ultra low wire bonding
  • More chip stacking


PTI’s products have been utilized in a broad application by its end customer, Through PTI’s assembly service and total solutions, clients can completely achieve their need of utilization. Most of products are for portable and consumer application like smart phone, tablet, SSD and so on.


  • Optimum design for low profile, excellent electrical and thermal performance
  • Excellent chip stacking capability for high density and high functionality integration
  • 2.5 to 27mm body size available
  • 8 to 954 ball count available
  • 0.3 to 1.0mm ball pitch available
  • Over 1,000 wire count available