IC Packaging

IC Packaging

Flip Chips


PTI offers FCBGA package with organic substrate has high electrical performance / pin counts characteristic compared to wire bond BGA package due to FCBGA use bumps for die / substrate interconnections instead of wires. For high thermal performance requirement, external heat spreader is attached on the backside of die and substrate with high thermal conductivity material.

FCCSP package with low to high I/Os, thin and small profile and lightweight. It enables to stack different type of devices for integration application. FCCSP package provides good protection for chip with underfill and epoxy mold compound. It also could be replace by MUF (mold underfill) material for low cost, simple process flow and short cycle time solution.


  • Fine pitch Cu pillar Bump
  • Lead free bump
  • Multi die hybrid package (FC+WB)


HPC, Memory, Net work, Mobile AP, Graphic DDR, Mobile camera controller, SSD controller


  • Shorter interconnect lengths, high electrical performance
  • High reliability performance with advance wafer node
  • Higher interconnect density
  • BoL / BoP available
  • BT / ETS / Molded substrate available
  • CUF / MUF available