IC Packaging

IC Packaging

System in Package


System-in-Package( SiP ), is a package with a substrate base, housing one or more IC’s, multiple passives, and other surface mount devices. The use of advanced assembly techniques, such as wire bond and flip chip allows various IC wafer technologies and other components to be built into a small package outline, providing the most cost effective and reliable solutions. In addition, this package can be packaged either as a LGA or BGA to meet various for thermal & electrical requirement applications .


  • Fine pitch SMT
  • Higher density package structure.
  • High speed and universal chip mounters available


SiP applied in graphics processor, CPU, digital Mobile TV, GPS, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Bluetooth, baseband, air bag detector, tire pressure gauge, keyless products…etc.


  • Smaller and lighter packages
  • Over mold, metal can and open frame structure
  • SMT with Flip chip/ wire bond technology
  • Double sides SMT
  • EMI coating
  • PB free and Green materials
  • JEDEC standard