Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Panel Level Fan Out

Fan-out packaging is going to become the mainstream for high-end device application, especially for multi-die, heterogeneous integration for both active & passive devices. High density interconnect, excellent performance in electrical performance and power consumption can also be achieved by panel FO. PTI' Panel level FO packaging offers the merits of high production efficiency with better utilization & unit output in comparison to wafer level FO.

Panel Level Fan Out Soultion

Chip First
  • Cheaper than CLIP®
  • AP, BB, ASIC, PMIC, memory
Chip Last
  • Known good RDL
  • Passive available
  • CPU, GPU, FPGA, thermal sensitive devices
Chip Middle
  • Pillars connect top and bottom RDLs
  • Passive available
  • RF module, sensor, AP (PoPb), SiP, 3D stacking
Bump Free
  • Without bump on chip
  • L / S ≥ 15 / 15um
  • PMIC, audio, PA

Higher Capability and Innovation Technology

  • Panel FO offers higher production efficiency in comparison to wafer level FO
  • 4 types of package structures are available including Bump-free, Chip First, Chip Last & Chip Middle
  • Multi-device including actives & passives for heterogeneous integration
  • Fine pitch tall Cu pillar is available to enable vertical device integration
  • High density interconnect is available by fine RDL L/S
  • Low temp. cure dielectrics to fulfill most device requirement including logic & memory
  • Excellent engineering capability for design, process & failure analysis to have robust packaging
  • Thermal, mechanical & electrical simulation capability to offer customer the best package design & BOM
  • Turnkey FOPLP assembly & embedded die FO-RDL substrate are both available


  • Compatible for both logic & memory devices from low I/O to high-end
  • Wider application including power, RF, consumer electronics, mobile, storage, automotive, HPC & AiP


  • System in package (SiP) is available to allow multi-die & passive component integration
  • Fine RDL L/S & shortest signal transmission path to have good electrical performance
  • Fine pitch plated tall Cu pillar is available for Fan-out PoP