Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Antenna in Package

The fifth generation (5G) of mobile communication expects to provide high data rate transmission in millimeter wave (mmW) frequencies. Due to high power propagation loss inside dielectric substrates at mmW frequencies, high gain and steerable beam radiations are desired to provide sufficient signal strengths, which requirements apply to both scenarios of user equipment (UE) in mobile networks and customer premises equipment (CPE) in front networks. Antenna inpackage(AiP) technique is a excellent heterogeneous integration structure between antenna and RFIC.

High Integrated Antenna in Package Solution

PTI has excellent engineering capability in antenna package design, good stability of flip chip processes, outstanding assembly yield. For AiP(antenna in package) design. it's combine an RF chip and the antenna in the same unit to boost the signal and reduce the transfer losses. Design an array of antenna elements to help overcome signal loss and attenuation. In addition to this, PTI combine 5G mmWave simulation and 5G mmWave RF research LAB to ensure our customers gain cost-effective solutions. For AiP (antenna in package) assembly process, PTI's Flip chip and Fan-out technology has already been deployed and offers.


Mobile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) , ADAS/Autonomous Driving, Automotive Electronics, Internet of thing (IoT).